The Champion and his Cup 
2014 Annual Show and Sale 
Exeter Livestock Market


Exeter Livestock market 30th August

Show & Sale Results 2013

Class 1: Best Ram Hog
  1st:   C Coaker
 2nd:    C Pearse
     3rd:    P W Coaker
Class 2: Old Ram
1st:  P Abel
      2nd:  P R Coaker
   3rd:  C Pearse
Class 3:Best Coated Ram
             1st:   A & R Wrayford
  2nd:  C Pearse
3rd:   P Abel
Class 4: Best Pair Ram Hoggs
1st:  P Abel
  2nd:  R Lugger
     3rd:  P R Coaker
 Champion Ram:
C Coaker ( Ram Hog)
Reserve Champion:
 P Abel ( Old Ram)
Class 5: Best Pen 10 Ewes Any Age
1st:     P Abel
        2nd:    P  R Coaker
         3rd:    P W Coaker
Class 6: Best Pen 5-10 2 tooth Ewes
   1st:  H Kerswell
  2nd:   F W Baker
          3rd:   R H & H F Bond
Class 7: Best pen 2 ewes
( not entered in classes 5 or 6 )
  1st:  R Lugger
             2nd:  R H & H F Bond
3rd:  M Cole

2012 Annual Show & Sale

Exeter Livestock Market 31st August

"I did alright, didn't I dad?"
Tom Widdecombe with his prize winning ram hog.
Patrick Coaker's ram hog was the runner up.

The Show and Sale was very successful with good prices being reached for some very good stock.

          The Line up                       &               Handing out the Prizes

**2011 Annual Show and Sale**

The Show and Sale took place at Exeter Livestock Market this year, this year on 26th August.
There was a show of some of the breeds finest animals and an opportunity to replenish your flock, add to it or to start out at the beginning of a love affair with one of our finest native breeds of sheep.
Every year farmers and smallholders find this the ideal place to meet the association members and choose from the sheep for sale. Do not hesitate to contact the association for further details



Champion Ram 2010